Generic Book Covers

Yesterday my husband and I had a discussion about what could possibly be the problem with sales of his books. Everyone who reads his work thinks it’s exceptional and it is, but sales are slim. We came to the conclusion that it could only be one, or both for that matter, of two things. It could either be that the cover art isn’t what it needs to be…they aren’t the typical “couple embraced” romantic, dime a dozen covers. Or…it could be he’s a man. When he started writing I told him he should go by Chris Newman and not put a pic of himself anywhere. No one would no whether he was male of female. But in the end he decided to just be himself, put it out there and trust that people were not that judgemental. But here we are years later and well, we can’t figure it out.
It could be the cover art…not very romantic however, they do show a bit of what the story is about. Since the genre of the novel would tell whether it is a romance or whatever, that seems like a logical way to convey more about the story. But as we scanned many of the ebook stores, we see the same tired pics. The man with the 6-pack abs embracing his woman or man of choice. That or similar, so boring that I can’t remember a single one…they just don’t stand out in a crowd. So I don’t get it. Maybe it’s not the covers….hmmmm.
Could it be because Chris is a heterosexual male and thus deemed unable to write romance by the ebook buying public? I can understand that and quite honestly his books are less romantic and more erotic, a good thing IMHO. But which does the public want? I can’t tell and I wish someone would fill me in on it. Meanwhile, I’ll be testing a theory and making the covers the generic standard. Where can I get a pic of a stud muffin with a six pack?


Uprising cover art

Persphone’s Pomegranate has been nominated for Cover Artist and Book Art in the Preditors & Editors 2008 Reader’s Poll.  The work we did on Christopher C. Newman’s novel “Uprising” as well as ourselves in the Cover Artist category is a great honor and one that we’re quite proud of.  You can see the results of current voting here:


We are Persephone’s Pomegranate, a cover art design business.  With the advent of e-books and the ability of musicians to produce their own CDs the need for professional artwork is in great demand.  During the initial inquires into the cover art business we were shocked at the money most publishers and record companies were paying for graphic design.  We think great artwork should be affordable from major corporations down to the smallest of businesses, don’t you?  With the costs of everything involved, your cover art shouldn’t complicate your funds any further. 

We work with royalty free photography sites and apply a flat fee for our services.  This means that you can have a single cover well below the industry standard!  If you want something more complex, and can afford it, we can accomodate  you there as well.  With the knowledge that some ebook publishers (for example) pay $50 -65 for a cover you can see where your overhead is considerably reduced. 

We do more than just covers for musicians or publishers, come check out the ebook video trailers that we have created for our clients.  With the conception of YouTube and millions who search there a short two minute video with music, sound effects, and credits can further promote your product or company. 

So if you’re interested and want a free consultation, contact us and we will be more than happy to employ our artistic skills to create something both eye-catching and inexpensive for your next project.  We work through PayPal and email, for your convenience.  Give us a try, we promise you will be pleased with the results.

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