So you’d like a cover for your novel and you’d like more information.  The following is how we conduct business here at Persephone’s Pomegranate.

1.  We use only royalty-free pictures and artwork, mainly from websites such as Dreamstime.com.  If you provide personal photos for your cover be prepared to send proof that the images are not under any form of copyright.

2.  We conduct monetary transactions through PayPal.  No checks, money orders, or other exceptions.

3.  Upon the final product, we will work with your publisher if your manuscript comes under contract prior to our services.  This service is free as long as drastic changes are not required by the company publishing your work.

4.  You must insure that when the body of work comes out, our company is given credit for the cover.

5.  All communication, monetary transactions, and contracts will be carried out via our email address. 

6.  All images will be previewed by you before purchase, remember the cost of the picture will figure in to your purchase price.  Whereas most sites selling said images are not expensive (usually three to eight dollars a picture depending on resolution or dpi) we will not purchase a mass of images only to use one or two. 

7.  Rough covers will have a watermark placed on them by our company both to protect you as well as ourselves.  When final product is agreed on by all parties, and final payment is made, the watermark will be removed.

8.  Any questions can be addressed to Persephone’s Pomegranate via email (dnewman6@neo.rr.com) or by this website.


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