Covey Awards


The cover to Get Into the Spirit, Baby has been entered into the Covey Awards!  Here’s the link:    Scroll down to #26 to see the entry.   Thank you!


Calling all authors

Persephone needs something to do! If you need a cover for your next book, give us a chance to make it really special. Price very negotiable.
Email us at or leave a comment right here.

Deviant Art

We have a Deviant art site now, come check out the artwork there.  Search for persephonepom.  No book covers posted there yet, just original artwork in our gallery so far.  Let us know what you think.

Uprising cover art

Persphone’s Pomegranate has been nominated for Cover Artist and Book Art in the Preditors & Editors 2008 Reader’s Poll.  The work we did on Christopher C. Newman’s novel “Uprising” as well as ourselves in the Cover Artist category is a great honor and one that we’re quite proud of.  You can see the results of current voting here:

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