Persephone’s Pomegranate is an art service that specializes in E-book covers for all genres. From conception to the finished product we can use the fabric of your imagination and tailor it into a professional cover in any size. We can and will work with your publisher to craft your novel’s artwork. Remember that most publishers offer the option for you to have your book covered by an outside source, we are just that. The cost, of course, is paid by you, the author, but we promise you’ll find our services to be both reasonable and cost-effective. So, if you don’t wish to put your cover into a publisher’s hands and you would prefer to input your own ideas into the artwork, then Persephone’s Pomegranate is worth looking into.


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  1. You guys are awesome! The covers to my novels are fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for more!! Two big thumbs up!

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